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Valentine Fryers

Valentine Fryers are looking to meet your needs no matter who you are or how you cook. Regardless of your style, all chefs are looking for a great performance at a low cost. By improving efficiency and reducing oil and energy consumption, Valentine Fryers save you time, money and reduce waste.

To achieve such a great performance, Valentine Fryers have undergone a meticulous design process with a focus on safety, durability, efficiency and performance. Their double insulated walls reduce heat dissipation while a reduced size "cool zone" saves oil and their powerful tanks are space saving, high output and robust, commonly lasts over 30 years.

Valentine Fryers were first discovered by two Englishmen visiting an overseas trade exhibition in Switzerland. They discovered an opportunity to fill a unique niche in the UK's catering market with Valentines original tabletop fryers which became exceedingly popular across the UK. Ever since the partnership with the UK has flourished, providing quality equipment across the whole of Europe.

Valentine Fryers can be found in the kitchens of the most elite restaurants across Europe with some restaurant owners still cherishing their original fryers from the 1950s. Today, we supply tabletop and free-standing fryers with single or twin tanks and filtration and turbo options. All models are made from high-quality stainless-steel, proudly brandishing their unmistakable logo.