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Valentine Fryers

Valentine Fryers are used widely throughout Europe and the UK. A favourite amongst professional chefs for their robust tanks, comprehensive interfaces and easy maintenance features. Valentine fryers take on a number of forms including tabletop, freestanding, single and double.

TF Series are fabricated with top quality components for lasting performance and finish. The three-part design (control unit, pan & chassis) ensures safety, ease of maintenance and daily use. Each part has been optimised as follows; the control unit's single knob display is simple and effective, the pan is pressed from a single piece of metal with rounded corners and can be put in the dishwasher, likewise, the chassis is also dishwasher friendly. All the TF series (except the TF5) feature a front drain valve for easy drainage.

Evolution Fryers
are designed to improve efficiency and performance for everyday high capacity use. Every effort has been made to ensure maximum efficiency of oil & energy, including the insulated, decreased oil capacity tank for total optimisation. Like the TF Series, Evolution fryers feature stainless steel pans pressed from one piece of metal with rounded corners for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Valentine EVO200 Single Tank Fryer 7 - 8Ltr


Valentine EVO250 Single Tank Fryer 9 - 10Ltr


Valentine EVO400 Single Tank Fryer 15 - 18Ltr