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Autonumis Bottle Coolers have a generous internal capacity, housing three layers of premium beers. The large glass doors, internal illumination and reflective aluminium interior create the perfect conditions for brand promotion, especially in busy bars and restaurants. The digital thermostat control, built in fans and insulated carcass keep your product in optimum condition so your product will taste as good as it looks.

Autonumis EcoChill Bottle Coolers incorporate the latest refrigeration technology to save more than 30% energy compared to the equivalent standard model. Each component has been optimised to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent energy, reaching a standard approved by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC).

Autonumis Chilled Milk Dispensers are simple to use, easy to clean and totally hygienic. A cooling compartment keeps the beverage at the perfect temperature making it ideal for constant use over a long period of time.