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Sterling Pro

Sterling Pro are a state of the art company, supplying quality commercial refrigeration to the 21st century. Energy consumption and green products are in vogue given the present concern about our environment, Stirling Pro have taken this in their stride, innovating their cutting-edge Green range.

The Green range combines the highest performance with extremely low heat and noise emissions, improving the life and footprint of the range. In fact, the Green range functions with a 65% reduction in energy consumption, a great success for an appliance running 24/7.

Environmentally conscious business is becoming common place in the catering industry, being led the way by companies like Stirling Pro whose products remain at the forefront of functionality yet benefit from lower costs and lower emissions.

Our range of Stirling Pro commercial refrigeration includes traditional fridges and freezers as well as more specialist products such as fish storage, pizza prep counters, topping well with glass canopy and bottle coolers.