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Fracino Coffee Machines

Fracino's home grown coffee machines are fabricated and assembled on site, ensuring the best engineers and materials go into Fracino's pure quality, unadulterated products. Their award-winning company is based in Birmingham; however, their popularity has spread globally over five continents due to their all-round excellence.

The Fracino brand has successfully made it into lively cafes as well as hotels, pubs, restaurants, bars and other commercial catering establishments. Directequip is dedicated to distributing first rate, authentic brands like Fracino at the best market prices, as such we sell an extensive range of Fracino coffee machines.

Traditional Fracino coffee machines are semi-automatic or electronically controlled, each machine has a large hot water facility and steam tube for frothing and steaming milk and high powered elements built to the highest standards. Electronically controlled coffee machines have accurately preprogramed coffee measures for your convenience. Our Dual Fuel Coffee Machines have LPG or butane fuelled burners, fitted electronic ignition, flame failure devices and gas pressure valve set, available as automatic or semiautomatic.