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Blue Seal Catering Equipment

It's Blue Seal's collaborative nature that allow them to remain at the forefront of commercial catering technology, pushing the boundaries with suppliers, distributors, chefs and developers to evolve and perfect their product. Blue Seal are passionate about what they do and take customer satisfaction seriously, as a result you can expect your Blue Seal Product to last longer that any other product on the market while maintaining its functionality, efficiency and style.

Blue Seal know that in order to continue developing their products they must remain students; perpetually learning through research and relationships to improve and innovate new products. Working closely with chefs around the world has allowed Blue Seal to fine tune their equipment to the superior quality and ergonomic design that we see today.

With one of the largest and most diverse customer bases, Blue Seal understand the need for dynamic and distinct Products. Its no surprise then that their selection of ovens provides you with more choice than any other catering brand, offering a variety of Cook Tops, Bratt Pans, Convection Ovens and Provers, Dual Fuel, Electric, Gas and Griddle Ovens with a range of uses and functions.

Blue Seal have made it their mission to provide efficient and specialised products that will minimise the time and effort of the kitchen team to allow more time for innovation and expression. Our range of cuisine specific equipment such as Pasta Cookers, Combination Steamers, Pizza Ovens allow your chefs to cook in harmony with their kitchen with the authenticity and passion needed to create memorable meals with a home cooked feel.

Griddles, Fryers, Salamander and Char Grills with their diverse range of uses are staple products of the modern kitchen. Blue Seal provides an extensive selection of these including electric natural gas and Lpg options and freestanding and table top options with heavy duty components ideal for constant, heavy usage and thoughtful design for easy cleaning and maintenance.

For a streamlined look, Blue seal have been careful to design their products to create a flush look throughout your kitchen. An important feat that can drastically change your relationship to the work space, making it calmer, more efficient and more productive. Blue Seal's range of In-Fill Tables, Glasswashers & Dishwashers connect storage and cleaning areas, allowing for better communication between these spaces.