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Commercial Catering Equipment - Our A-Z of appliances for professional kitchens comprises of first-rate equipment made from UK manufacturers. Ideal for kitchens and front-of-house in all types of establishments.

Hot Cupboards and Gantries - Fully assembled, heated or unheated gantries & robust hot cupboards made to your specifications. Feature a wide variety of food service applications to provide quality meals in demanding catering environments.

Modular Counters - Flexi-Serve modular serveries bring you the convenience and flexibility to custom make serveries that suit your exact specifications. Available as hot/ambient cupboards, corner counters and till sections which can be used individually or suited together to form a run.

Catering Trailer Equipment - Ideal for mobile/outdoor catering to large crowds at festivals or events. Our appliances are robust, powerful and up to the task. We've already helped hundreds of diverse catering operations run successful businesses.

Refrigeration - Display Coolers, Blast Chillers, Ice Makers, Prep Counters, Wine Chillers and more! We offer variations on brand and design with additional options and extras so that you can find the perfect product to suit you.

Dishwashers & Glasswashers - Dishwashing solutions to ensure that your kitchen never runs out of clean crockery, glassware and equipment. Available as standard, hood or passthrough operations.

Food Prep Machines - The full range of food preparation appliances that produce outstanding results in a fraction of the time. Ideal of preparation of meat, veg, soups, dough and more!

Beverage Appliances - Everything you need for hot and cold self-service and front of house beverage service. We supply a range of Water Boilers, Coffee Machines and Accessories, Coffee Grinders, Chilled Drink Dispensers and Floor Standing Drink Dispensers and more!