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Cinders Barbecues

Cinders Barbecues' versatile equipment allows you to take advantage of every opportunity from our Great British weather, with unbeatable minimal storage and setup speed.

CLASSIC barbecues are a clear market leader and the professional's choice for commercial catering operations. It is well known as the legendary workhorse of the industry. They also fold flat for easy transport and storage. Internal self-cleaning by reflected heat -means no time lost.

FESTIVAL grills are perfect for tented areas and build-ups at large festivals, with low pressure, stainless steel burners and flame supervision devices.

STREETWOK LP20 is a high powered, easy to use & portable wok burner for outdoor events.
The patented 'flower head' burner array softens the heat and spreads it around the base of the wok pan, avoiding the difficult 'hot spot' and reduces actual cooking times.