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Recently celebrating their 100th year anniversary, Panasonic have had more than a lifetime of success! Look through any modern household and you are likely to come across a Panasonic product more than one, an irrefutable tribute to their outstanding quality and craftsmanship.

Panasonic microwaves are no exception, offering exceptional power, versatility and ergonomics. Here, at directequip we offer a range of Panasonic Microwave Ovens with a range of controls, settings and display, each designed for a target user.

Panasonic believe that the microwave is more than just a culinary shortcut and instead adds its own unique flair to commercial cooking. Their mission is to convince you of this case by manufacturing microwaves with more functions than you thought possible.

Choosing a microwave oven with Panasonic deserves time and thought. Unlike many other kitchen appliances, choosing a microwave is much more personal. Begging the question, what am I looking for, simplicity, versatility or something more?