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Dualit Toasters

Dualit's award winning toasters were born from a passion for invention and good toast! Since the 1940s Dualit have been pioneering toaster design and engineering, creating their first six slot toaster in the 60s, featuring in major UK shopping outlets in the 70s and have been exploring and expanding ever since.

The well established Dualit brand is built on strong foundations with a concrete reputation formed from years of straightforward, high-quality, well-engineered solutions. To this day, Dualit continue to search for ways to improve and innovate, looking to better quality control, customer service and environmentally engineered products.

According to Dualit's guide to buying the right toaster you must consider what you are toasting, how many people you are toasting for and how much space you have, since toasting is no simple matter! As such, Dualit toasters come with a multitude of toasting options including but not limited to extra wide slots, independent slot control & high lift mechanisms for smaller items.

Dualit 4 Slice Bun Toaster 43022, DB4S


Dualit 4 Slice Bun Toaster 43021, DB4SP


Dualit Combi 2 x 2 Toaster 42177, DS/B4S


Dualit 6 Slice Classic Toaster 60146


Dualit 6 Slice Classic Toaster 60144