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The first and best blender in America! Waring have been serving up great soups, smoothies, milkshakes, sauces and more since 1937. Considered one of the best commercial blenders at 2016, due to their performance, multiplicity of uses and style.

Waring are a household name, even to celebrities like Jon Aston, whose personal favourite is the Waring BOLT Cordless blender because of ability to create "light and silky" textures from anywhere in the kitchen. He also appreciates the ergonomic feel and quietness of the BOLT blender.

Waring have been around a long time and it is safe to say all their blenders have these unique qualities. At directequip we sell a range of Waring products including Drinks & Milkshake Mixers, Kitchen & Bar Blenders, Stick Blender and Food processors.

Waring are a bar and kitchen favourite. Check out Waring heavy duty Food Processors for high capacity shredding, whipping, cutting, grating, chopping and kneading and more! Perfect for demanding kitchens with professional chefs!