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Rowlett Rutland

Rowlett Rutland have enjoyed a rich history. Since is conception in 1946 By Ted Rutland, Rowlett have innovated and manufactured many commercial goods including small catering appliances, toys and high-spec aircraft equipment, but namely toasters. By 1979 Rowlett were exporting to over 70 countries, their newfound popularity gaining many awards and records for their commercial toasters and small appliances, including the record for their 6ft long, 34 slot toaster!

Rowlett continue to push the boundaries, producing award winning catering appliances for domestic and commercial establishments. Their trademark retro design feature perfectly in old school catering establishments selling classic, much loved foods such as hot dogs, rolls and toast but would also stand out in more contemporary establishments. Here, at Directequip we sell the famous Rowlett Rutland Premier and Regent toasters as well as Rowlett Rutland Heated Plates and Hotdog Machines.